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"We are fairly to the upgrade scene. We're currently building various partwork builds, Ecto-1, Terminator, Mig29, Enterprise, DeLorean, E-Type as well as many more... and we've also built the Rossi 1/4 bike and have World of Wayne building the Ducati.

However, we're sure like many, there are some frustrations as attention to detail by the large partwork companies occasionally slips, leaving you a little disappointed and looking for solutions. Our aim is to produce upgrades, props and additional items to compliment the builds.
", PartworkUpgrades.

Who are we?

Ian Campbell

Most of you will know me from World of Wayne as a site moderator.
I'm a software consultant by day, married with grown-up kids and recently a grandad.
I love being involved in builds and designing\printing solutions.

Julie Campbell

Julie handles everything accounts and materials. She is the backbone of the company. Julie takes care of invoices\purchasing and the making of our assembly cushions and dust covers.

Brand and\or copyright infringement

We take brand and\or copyright infringements seriously. We are rigorous when searching for viable\commerical content that we can use for our site\products. If you believe that any infringement has occuored, contact us immediatly stating the claim, with policy links, owner details, contact details, including name\phone number.

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