Enterprise 1701-D 5 Degree Stem

It goes without saying that the Enterprise needs something better, something befitting, something uplifting !! The only place for a ship is up high.... therefore, we have launched a wall bracket for this very purpose. Let's have the 1701-D flying proudly on display!


This item will give your Enterprise a 5 degree tilt. YOU MUST have purchased the bracket first.


  • Engineering grade 3D custom 5 degree stem upright.
  • 3D Part (stressed tested) to over 40kg.


PartworkUpgrades are not responsible for any issues arising from the fitting and use of our bracket. If you need assistance\advice, please get in touch using the contact form or contact your local DIY specialists for fitting advice.


This bracket will support the whole weight of the Enterprise 1701-D. We are not responsible for any problems arising from the main body of the ship and secure\suitable connection it has to the removeable saucer section.

Enterprise 1701-D 5 Degree Stem