Ghostbusters No-Ghost Sticker Alignment Tool

There has been lots of debate of the sticker size and the alignment of the No-Ghost stickers.


Whichever sticker size you end up with, this alignment tool will allow you to place it in the correct position. This works for both side doors.


Eaglemoss also stipulate the sticker must be 52mm from the left and 13mm up from the bottom of the door. This may vary depending on the sticker size you're using, however, this toll will align all your doors in the same manner and as near as possible to the Eaglemoss guidelines.


Eaglemoss instructions do tell you to have the red centre line at a 45 degree. However, this is incorrect and is nearer 32 degrees. Movie images and official merchandise also have this at approx 32 degrees; therefore, rest assured, your sticker positioning will be accurate.

Ghostbusters No-Ghost Sticker Alignment Tool