T-800 Builders Stand Connector - Hachette\Agora 1:2 Scale

If you have previously purchased the T-800 stand from us, then this is for you! If you buy this and you had previously bought the stand from us.... we'll issue a 50% refund on this product (postage not included in refund) !


Once at issue 105, the existing stand head needs to be taken off and this updated version used.


This new head fits directly to the build fixing points, giving you a choice to either carry on with the single pole stand, or swap and use the partwork supplied double pole stand.


If you want to make your own stand, then this could be for you to!... design your own base\pole and as long as the pole is 12mm diameter, happy days, you can use this head connector!


We do not accept any responsibility for any damage from the use of this stand.


T-800 Builders Stand Connector - Hachette\Agora 1:2 Scale


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