T-800 Mega Deal

For a limited time only, we are offering the most sought after T-800 upgrades + an A5 blueprint for the amazing price of £40, a HUGE 35% saving.


In this mega deal, you will receive:


  • T-800 Shoulder to Head Ball Joint Fix
  • T-800 Hand Ball Joint Replacements - Complete Set
  • T-800 Head Droop Fix
  • T-800 Neck Droop Fix
  • T-800 A5 Acrylic Blueprint
  • T-800 Metal Chrome Spacers - Elbow to Wrist Wobble Fix (both arms)
  • T-800 Tendon Wobble Fixes - Thoracic to Pelvis
  • T-800 Tendon Wobble Fixes - Lower Leg
  • T-800 CPU Chip Kit - Large (105mmx37mm)


Grab yourself a bargain.... offer ends 31/08/2021.



T-800 Mega Deal