T-800 Builders Stand - For Hachette\Agora 1:2 Scale (ADVANCED ORDER 10/02/2021)



Please note the advanced order date within the item description. This is the date that we expect to be shipping your order.


Are you tired of putting your T-800 in a box, or resting it against a cupboard? Tired of parts coming loose everytime you move it? Would you rather have your T-800 upright , on show and in a positon to help you to work on it?


If so.... this new stylish stand is for you. It's been designed to support the Hachette\Agora T-800 1:2 scale build. It's made of steel for the base\pole, with additional 3D printed parts that add to the stability and securely holds the T-800.


NOTE - The stand can only be used once you have the Thoracic cage constructed (see pictures). Due to the design of the support head, the support head must be changed once the Thoracic cage has been restricted with build parts.


New support head designs will be available on the store as and when needed to align with the build stages.


This stand is a builders stand and is to help support the build until such time you have the official Hachette\Agora stand.


The stand comes with:


750mm Steel Pole (threaded one end).

250mm x 150mm Steel Base.

3 x Additional Push-on Feet for Extra Stability (design could vary).

1 x Interchangeable Support Head with Locknut.

1 x Adhesive Rubber (to be applied to the support head).


We do not accept any responsibility for any damage from the use of this stand.

T-800 Builders Stand - For Hachette\Agora 1:2 Scale (ADVANCED ORDER 10/02/2021)