T-800 Pelvis to Knee Tendon Fix * 4

These parts will greatly reduce the wobble of the tendons from the front\back of the lower pelvis to the knee. Additionally a sleeve will be provided to take up some of the slack, resulting in less noise.


Comes in a set of 4, allowing you to complete all pelvis to knee tendons. Simply replace the head part (use glue if needed to secure), insert the tube and re-attached with the original screws.


These parts come in raw 3D printed black (tubing will differ); therefore you will need to prep\paint these to match the original chrome\silver finish.


NOTE - you do not need to add the rubber gromet and screw to the end of the final rod. However, fit whichever works best for you and your build.


Please review all photos and video on this listing for a complete guide\look at the finish upgrade.

T-800 Pelvis to Knee Tendon Fix * 4


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