Waterslide Ecto-1 Logo Decals

Note - these are offered in TWO sizes. The standard size is much like the EM supplied stickers, whereas the reduced size should give a better look\feel to the actual logo on the 1984 Ecto-1.


There has been mixed comments regarding Eaglemoss supplying a sticker for the the Ecto-1.... and yes, ideally, a painted image would have been the best (in our opinion). However, there are some other options; 1) Dry transfer; 2) Waterslide decals; 3) Vinyl stickers etc


Dry transfer are expensive, perhaps too costly for their purpose. Vinyl stickers are simply stickers, peel off and put on.... waterslide decals are great to ensure any background detail shows through.


Those of you that have made models, i.e. Airfix etc, will have used waterslide decals many times and you may have a preference to those over stickers.


Anyway, you'll have your own ideas on which is best to go for, but if you did want to try the decal option, what's to lose? If you're not keen on the results, just peel off and use the vinyl sticker.


Instructions can be found on the guides page on the site. Coverage of the decals, i.e clear lacquer we do not provide support on, as this is a personal choice.


You'll get 5 decals. 2 for the side doors, 1 for the rear door and 2 spare.

Waterslide Ecto-1 Logo Decals