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Introducing Partwork Promoters - Pilot Incentive Scheme

Launching 5th March 2022

0 Places Remaining !! Sorry!

Applications end midnight 4th March!

For sometime we've been looking at ways to expand our customer base. We, like many businesses, use social media, email campaigns and word of mouth which have worked quite well. However, we know there are tens of 1,000s more builders out there using different methods to connect to like-minded people. We want to reach out to these builders, and this is where you could help.

We are therefore introducing a pilot incentive scheme, 'Partwork Promoters'. We are initially looking for 10 individuals who share our passion for partwork subscriptions/builds, with their help we could reach model builders across the globe.

By promoting Partwork Upgrades you will have an opportunity to earn a monthly cash incentive.

Each Promoter will receive their own promotional code. Each time you promote our website or any of our products share this code. This will give the user a one-off 15.0% discount off their order.

For the 10, you'll each receive a personal promotion\coupon code (PRM001-PRM010). When you promote our website or product, you share this code.

Each month we'll review the sales and look at where these codes have been used and will forward you 5.0% of those order(s) value (less postage and packaging).

This is a fantastic opportunity to become an Ambassador for our company and spread the good name of Partwork Upgrades whilst earning an extra monthly income.

There are of course some conditions.

  1. Aged 18 or over.

  2. Already involved in any partwork builds\Facebook Group(s)\Page(s)\YouTube Channel(s) or simply have the 'know how'.

  3. Must take full responsibility for declaring any monies earned from this scheme.

  4. Common sense as to when\when not to promote us – check website\forum rules etc.

  5. Have a PayPal account to receive payments.

  6. Be a proud ambassador for us - promote us at every viable opportunity.

  7. You must have no ties to any other Partwork company.

  8. Avoid any one website/forum etc being saturated - don't post if it's been done recently.

We'll run this pilot scheme for 3 months. If this is successful, we'll open this up to another 10 individuals. We'll look to refine the rules as this new opportunity progresses. If at any stage we don't feel the scheme is working, then we'll end it with immediate effect.


We'd like to start running with the scheme from the 5th March 2022.

If you believe you have what we need and can make a difference, apply below. Provide us as much information as possible and we'll review these and let you know if you've been successful.

Complete the details below to apply.

Thank you! We will be in touch if successful

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