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Would you like one of our 3D printed products preparing and painting? If so, read on...

Graham, who runs his own small business 'Graham Loki's Models', is extremely talented when it comes to preperation and painting of models, his particular area of interest being figurines.

Why not contact Graham for a bespoke price to have your 3D print looking awesome. Drop Graham an email at the following:

If you're satisfied with the price, Graham will advise on the next steps. If you go-ahead with the service Graham offers, you'd still purchase from us and we'll ship your product direct to Graham. Once your product has been completed, Graham will make arrangements to ship to you - costs of time\materials and shipping will be agreed with Graham and yourself.

If you've already purchased one of our products and are interested in having it painted, then I'm sure Graham would like to hear from you.

PartworkUpgrades and Graham Loki's Models are independent businesses.

A few of Graham's projects:

'Graham Loki's Models' currently only operate for shipping within the UK.

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