Back to the Future FX Sound Card - Ready to Go!

WARNING! Audio contains strong language.


Relive those magic film moments with this quality FX sound card.


Fully loaded and ready to go FX sound card. Plays 9 different classic audio sounds from the first Back to the Future movie! Fully controlled by remote control.


It all comes ready wired, no soldering needed. Hook up the power and speaker and decide where to put this.


Using the in-built USB device, you can change the pre-recorded sounds and have your own sound effects. Full instructions will be supplied.


You'll receive:


1 x Wireless control board (8mb max - supports .mp3 and .wav)

1 x 12v battery holder (8xAA batteries not included)

1 x Powerful 4 ohm 2-4w speaker

1 x Remote + A23 12v battery

1 x USB cable

1 x 9 pre-loaded 'Back to the Future' audio\movie sounds\clips


Speaker and battery holder design may vary.


You'll need to build your own bespoke housing - although this is something we are looking into.


Bringing your DeLorean to life!


All FX cards are fully tested before they are dispatched.

Back to the Future FX Sound Card - Ready to Go!