Doctor Who - Season 14 Console

"Season 14 Console" - By Jeffrey Fink


Model Details:


Season Fourteen first introduced the viewer to the secondary control room which contained a smaller Jules Verne inspired version of the main console. 


This was the first reference that the TARDIS contained more than one control room.

The console model in these files are based off of the one seen during this time period.  It has been designed from multiple photo reference to get the best possible recreation.

When assembled, you will get the following features:  


  • Six fully removable door panels  
  • A fully removable front drawer
  • Engraved paneling on the Plinth


If you print the control panels in a clear resin, then there is the ability to add lights to them.

For an additional layer of realism, the top brass rails and ram's heads can be printed in brass.  

This will make a great piece for any Dr Who fan's collection.


Printing Details:


The prototype print was done using a Creality CR-10 with the following Cura settings.


  • White Hatchbox PLA (1.75 mm)
  • Printing Temp 198 deg Celsius
  • Bed Temp 60 deg Celsius
  • Print Speed 50 mm/s
  • 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.2 mm layer height
  • Wall thickness is 1.2 mm with an infill of 30% using a zigzag infill pattern


A brim was used with support material needed for some parts. When printed at 100% scale, the kit measures 3 inches wide by 3.75 inches in height and 3 inches in length. The model can be increased or decreased in printing size, but tolerances may be affected by the change in the overall scale.


A fully illustrated assembly guide is included with the kit.


Enjoy the model and thank you for viewing this unique piece.

Doctor Who - Season 14 Console