Spitfire (Hachette) Mains Power Adapter

PRE-ORDER for shipping starting 10th December 2021.


As you may be aware the Spitfire is powered by 4 x C type batteries. Over time it can be costly in replacements. We've developed an adapter that will allow you to do away with this and power your Spritfire via the mains.


Simply un-plug your battery box and plug the new adapter in. Plug your adapter into a mains socket and that's it.


You'll receive:


1 x Adapter UK

1 x Partworks Control Box

1 x EU\US or AUS plug adapter (Please Select)

1 x Sleeving (already added)


Note - removal of the red label on the adapter will void any claim with us.


Spitfire (Hachette) Mains Power Adapter