Star Wars X-Wing FX Sound Card - Ready to Go!

Relive those magic film moments with this quality FX sound card.


Fully loaded and ready to go FX sound card. Plays 9 different classic audio sounds related to the X-Wing. Fully controlled by remote control.


It all comes ready wired, no soldering needed. Hook up the power and speaker and decide where to put this.


Using the in-built USB device, you can change the pre-recorded sounds and have your own sound effects. Full instructions will be supplied.


You'll receive:


1 x Wireless control board (8mb max - supports .mp3 and .wav)

1 x 12v battery holder (8xAA batteries not included)

1 x Powerful 4 ohm 2-4w speaker

1 x Remote + A23 12v battery

1 x USB cable

1 x 9 pre-loaded 'X-Wing' audio\movie sounds\clips


Speaker and battery holder design may vary.


Bringing your DeAgostini X-Wing to life!


All FX cards are fully tested before they are dispatched.

Star Wars X-Wing FX Sound Card - Ready to Go!